yourAvon Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the yourAvon Login:

Step-by-step guide to login:

Note: Make sure to have your Avon account number because it will be used in logging in along with your password. There isn't any username used in logging in.

1. Open your desired web browser and input the URL given below into the address bar:

Note: It would be best to copy and then paste the URL to your browser to avoid missing out a single character. This will help you avoid any unwanted delays.

2. Input your account number and password in the spaces provided for them.

3. Simply click on "Log in" tab on the lower right side of the spaces provided for your account number and password.



Are you still having problems with logging in or getting to the yourAvon Login page? Just follow the steps below to get your password reset and get back on track right away with your Avon account:

1. All you need to do is use the Avon online reset tool to reset your password and obtain a temporary code for loggin in. Simply copy and paste the URL given to your browser to directly go to the password reset tool:

Note: All you need is your e-mail address to get your password reset. Make sure that the e-mail address you input on the space provided was the same e-mail address you used when your Avon account was created.

2. Simply click on the blue "Send Reset Password Link" tab.

Note: To be sure that a reset link was successfully sent to your e-mail address, you must see a confirmation page similar to the one on this link

You will then receive an link on your e-mail.


You can reach Avon through the following:

Online support -

E-mail –

Phone – 0860-10-23-45

Fax – 010-205-6353


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